Leather care is crucial in order to make sure that your tack lasts. It is not only the dirt, hair and sweat that you see that is so damaging to the leather. Everyday the small dust particles are like sandpaper to your leather and it is imperative that those are kept away from the leather on a daily basis to make sure the leather is kept safe. 

  1. On a daily basis with a clean damp cloth or sponge wipe your saddle and tack off to clean all the dirt, hair, sweat and the dust particles off. 
  2. Once a week use a natural conditioner that is free from harsh chemicals and dyes and condition the leather after it has been cleaned. Make sure that when you condition the leather you only apply a thin layer around the stitching as too much can start to soften the stitching causing breakage. The best way to apply is by hand, as your body heat will natural heat up the conditioner applying it in a thin layer. Using a sponge or rag can cause it to go on too thick causing a layer over the leather that does not soak into the leather. 

Happy Riding.