It perplexes me as a Master Saddle Fit Specialist that when I talk with some of my colleagues in the industry that when their clients call them out for an appointment... 

Let's say we have a horse that is sore through its back and is need of several treatments. The specialist is called out to treat the horses back and the time and effort is put into the horse to make sure that this horse is treated to the best of their ability. In some cases, owners expect that one treatment is enough and we are back to riding. 

This is not the case. It does not take one ride to cause this type of damage and inflammation and it does not take one treatment to undue the damage. Rest and treatment is what is needed. We all as professionals know that it is necessary to get back to work and training but there will be no horse in the end if training proceeds before the healing has completed. This sometimes takes days, weeks and even can take months. We as humans hear this from our doctors and we know the damage that is caused when we do not listen. 

It is not fair to not listen to the professional as they know best, as our loved ones are unable to tell us themselves where and when it hurts. When they do tell us, we usually mistakenly take it as they are "acting up" or "mis-behaving" and take the appropriate measures to straighten them out. As a professional in the industry I unfortunately see it again and again. So this is why I am asking, Why do they?

Happy Riding.