Christine's lengthly resume is one to be very proud of, possessing a number of skills which all started as a veterinary technician in a small animal practice.

Then to become the head tech for a leading equine surgical veterinarian. Her experience is vast from colic, specialized joint and emergency surgeries name a few of many cases Christine has been a part of.

Deciding to go back to school to pursue a career in nursing was a lifelong goal. Graduating with top grades, Christine landed a position within the Emergency Department caring for critically ill patients.

Within her vast knowledge and experience in the health care field, Christine also owned two very successful Tim Horton's franchises. One of which was top in sales and service in Western Canada for 7 years.

Her passion in helping others steams from her love of both people and animals, especially ones in need.

Horses have always been a deep rooted passion for Christine. Combining her knowledge of both equine and human health care with her extensive business knowledge has made the launch of Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. and immediate success.