Confident we have both met and exceeded the needs of horse and rider with equipment that adapts through development of training and levels of competition.

Drawing on our archive of, ongoing research on the evolution and development of horse and rider, working with industry leading professionals, identifying needs and requirements, monitoring design trends and industry direction, are all a part of the recipe for our success.

Change is crucial.

Aged saddle design standards once thought of as superior in past generations are still offered today. All of which, lack the important tools required by horse and rider. The inability or unwillingness to change causes products to become stagnant and disadvantageous to both horse and rider.


Our products are made with pride, by hand, in the United Kingdom. In our fast paced world, we have become accustomed to getting it now.

Perfection always takes time.

In bespoke saddle making, time is a necessity in order to achieve optimal results including symmetry, clean lines and attention to the fine details involved.

Our design team and master craftsman have set out to design and manufacture products that celebrate timeless beauty while providing results.

Following the traditional saddle making process, each product offers its uniqueness while providing a dynamic modern design.


England, the birthplace of the English riding saddle. The home of some of the best saddle makers in the world.

Our goal is to keep the trade alive.

Gold standard production and product quality has been lacking within the saddle industry, make for less = sell for more. Many equestrians lack of knowledge of sub-standard production of saddlery products in third world countries. Both causing the desire to outsource a more suitable option for some manufacturers.

Through educating our customers on the inferior industry standards, global footprint made and the hazardous environments of where these products are being produced are some of our ways to help keep the saddlery trade alive.