Who wouldn't want a magical wand in their back pocket....

This Saddle Sale Agreement (the “Agreement”) is an agreement between you (Client", "Saddle Owner”) and Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. ("Seventeen", “XVII”,  "we", or "us"). We manufacture English saddles made by our master saddlers made in its entirety in England. We fit these saddles to horses and riders to help our customers develop and maintain a healthy horse’s body and mind through proper fit. We not only sell these saddles to our clients but we make sure our clients understand and participate in regular service fittings (collectively, the “Services”) to help eliminate problems caused by ill-fitting saddles/tack. We've tried worked hard to keep this Agreement as readable and straightforward as possible.  If you have suggestions that can help us improve it or any questions about this Agreement, please email us and let us know.  This Agreement explains our obligations to you, and your obligations to us.  This Agreement is the entire Agreement between us. By filling out your information within this agreement and clicking “Submit” you are agreeing to comply with these terms.

We are thrilled that you are becoming a part of our team at Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. and feel we need to be transparent on who we are and what we do. We all have huge hopes and dreams on becoming the best but we want to get real with you on what your saddle will not but most importantly will do:


Be The Magic Pill

We all wish things could be easier. You will not wake up on your delivery date and have the confidence to jump 5 foot fences bareback. There is no little black book in glove department that teaches you and your horse how to "Piaffe and Passage Overnight". Nor is there any quick fixes to your success of riding. It takes hard work and a lot of training to become the best. 

Be Your One and Only

The industry and the horses themselves are always developing into something new and different. Requirements and specifications may change as the industry changes as well as how horses are bred and develop can change the requirements in saddles. We pride ourselves on the fact we encourage growth in the industry and grow with the demands of both horse and rider. Our saddles have the unique ability to adapt through adjustments when your horse changes shape or you change horses. When a saddle has been made to specific requirements there is always a chance when placing it on a different horse, there could be certain areas to address to increase the freedom of fit.  


Be Your Little Secret

We have all faced many struggles in our riding and training - Why your horse is not supple through both left and right, the trouble with your lead changes, why you look like your sitting in a chair with a "busy" leg and hand,  why your horse is not jumping in proper form, laziness over the jumps causing rails or even worse refusals, the lower back pain both you and your horse fear after each ride, how is it that your horses floats through the field with ground covering movement but under saddle moves like a Shetland pony, the lack of response if any your horse gives to your aids, the unbalanced ride, the list goes on. All the silent and not so silent struggles you have been faced with are easily gone with a properly fit saddle to both you and your horse. In turn this will give you the confidence needed to progress up the levels in your riding.

Your saddle will help in many ways, however it is important to focus on the horse as a whole. There are many professionals within the industry who work to give you the very best rides. We need to focus on both the physical and mental side of riding for both horse and rider, making sure all aspects are covered. 


Located on your Order Estimate, an estimated production time has been given. This estimated time given is subject to change without notice.

After deposit has been received, an email will be sent to the email you have provided us with order confirmation including deposit received and your updated estimated production time. 

Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. cannot be held liable of obligation for its failure to keep within the estimated production time frame. Situations out of our control can include but are not limited to:
Supplier delays and back-orders,  manufacturing delays, North American and European Holidays, Shipping Company Delays and/or Mistakes, Customs and/or Boards Delays and/or Clearance Issues

If an unforeseen delay arises with the production and/or delivery of your new saddle,  Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. will be in touch with you to go over the situation and how it has been rectified. 


 New Saddle Orders: 50% Deposit is required to secure saddle order into production. The remaining amount is due at the time of delivery.

Previously Owned Saddles: Full amount due upon delivery and fitting 

Methods of Payments Accepted by Seventeen Saddle Co Inc.: Cash, Debit, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Cards.

**Cheques are NOT accepted.

For Credit Card Processing, Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. offers In-Person and Secured On-line Payment Gateway processing.

We understand that unexpected financial problems arise, if this happens while your saddle is in production -Please contact Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. immediately to explain your situation. Your file would be reviewed by our management team and if granted, a new agreement may be offered. 

*Please Note: Payment Terms for Product Financing are included in the credit application. 


Order Cancellation
After saddle order has been confirmed and deposit has been received, the saddle order has been placed into production and all orders are considered final. Due to the nature of our business, each saddle is unique to horse and rider made by hand by our Master Saddlers. 

In order to make truly bespoke saddles, the costs involved are far too great to make the commitment through time, labour costs of our Master Saddlers and material costs to cancel orders already within production. 

Refund Policy
All orders through Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. are non-refundable. Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. encourages our clients to keep us informed. If a problem arises, it is imperative to contact Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. immediately to discuss the nature of the concern. If available, at the managements discretion option(s) may be given. 


Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. offers an extensive warranty on all New Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. saddles.

1 year limited warranty on all materials and workmanship 
10 year structural warranty on the saddle structure (saddle tree) and fittings

Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. does not cover claims caused by - Abuse, Accidents, Neglect, Lack of maintenance and Normal wear and tear. *All saddles must be fitted every six (6) months in order for the New Saddle Warranty to be effective*

*All saddles under Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. warranty coverage is only available to the original owner/purchaser of the Seventeen Saddle.  

Extended Warranty
All previously owned saddles are subject to a Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. extended warranty. Each saddle is examined by a representative of Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. and will be determined if the previously owned Seventeen Saddle is approved for an extended warranty. If extended warranty has been offered, it will state on saddle sale receipt.

Fittings Completed by Fitter(s) unauthorized by Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. 
All fittings must be completed by an authorized representative of Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. any work through repairs and/or adjustments through an unauthorized saddle fitter will immediately void manufacturer warranty.

Shipping and Misc. Expenses
All Shipping and Misc. Expenses are at the saddle owners expense. Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. covers all expenses and materials to repair/replace the saddle.


The purchase of the saddle is just the start. In order to maintain and progress your level of training and success, it is imperative that the saddle is being maintained. 

You are purchasing a saddle that is adjustable through the tree and panels. This means as the horse changes through age, increase and/or decrease of training/work, injuries/time off, the saddle can be adjusted to these changes through the shoulder angle/width and the unique curvature of your horses back. 

Purchasing a saddle and assuming the saddle fits without servicing is pretty much like driving a car without gas. You will get nowhere. Horses change constantly through each year and the slightest pressure point in the panel or restriction of the shoulder due to the tree point(s) can be the difference of an excellent ride or one worth trying to forget. It is important to never assume to "wait until I notice outright signs" as this is the perfect recipe for unnecessary training issues and most importantly both physical and mental distress and discomfort to the horse. 

Saddles are to be checked and fitted every 3-4 months to achieve the best results. When looking at the farrier industry, each horse is unique in its shoeing schedule, most say every 6 - 8 weeks. This is a guideline and you can leave the horse for longer but the chances of soreness/lameness, unbalanced feet and damage to the structural integrity of the foot are greatly increased if not guaranteed.

Even though we strongly recommend having your saddle checked/serviced every 3-4 months, in order to keep your warranty valid the saddle must be seen by an authorized representative of Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. every 6 months.  

We understand that life gets in the way and is why Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. will send out fitting/servicing reminders to help keep track of when your saddle is due. 


"Custom Fit" is a saying that can be interpreted in many ways. When you order a custom saddle from Seventeen Saddle Co Inc., the saddle has been ordered to both you and your horses specifications and requirements. 

This saddle is unique to you and has many customizations within the visual characteristics as well as the design for fit. It is important to understand that each horse should have their own saddle. The tree is adjusted to the horses shoulder angle and width and the panels are flocked to the horses unique back shape. Even when horses are similar in shape, no horse is exactly the same. When switching a custom fit saddle to several horses, the wool will not stay within the form of the specified horses back the saddle was fitted to. Ultimately causing pressure points and an unbalanced saddle. 

Padding the saddle (through shims, halfpads etc.) will not protect the panels from changing shape when switching the saddle to and from different horses. It is strongly recommended that each horse has their specific saddle fitted to their unique shoulder angle and back shape. 


Please check which options are most suitable for delivery and fitting of your new saddle.: *
ALL Options are subject to a specific number of participants located at location(s) and if the specific number is not met, certain options may not be available. *CHANGE OF ORIGINAL DELIVERY LOCATION – the date and/or location can change due to number of horses required to participate. If there is a conflict with the date/time Seventeen Saddle Co Inc. will be in touch to reschedule.
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