A horse lover first and foremost.

Growing up through the levels of pony club, horse shows and as a working student for Olympic level Event and Dressage riders in both North America and Europe, are some of Melanie's fondest memories.

Melanie's business experience started as a young girl painting her parents firewood without permission, loading it Into her red wagon and going door to door selling it to her neighbors with a 100% conversion rate. Then coming home with a hand full of cash to her parents both impressed yet concerned with her confidence to speak to strangers.

After realizing her talents of the gift of the gab, she then decided to pursue her sales "career" in her deepest passion, horses. Using her Toonie collection (collected in a giant Kool-aid jug), Melanie purchased her first sales project pony, Appollo.

With over a decade of experience in the Saddlery industry, Melanie has the pleasure to continue to work with some of the finest saddle makers of our time. Through hard work, many hours and searching for the best resources has developed the much needed skills for this specific job. Working with well respected health care professionals has provided vast knowledge and experience in both rider and equine bio-mechanics. All of the above, strengthening the theory of being proactive vs. reactive.

A strong background in performance horses and as an experienced rider herself, has strengthened the skills of being a master saddle design and fit specialist.

Melanie appreciates and understands the physical requirements and mental demands as a rider and how imperative it is for these needs to be met.  All of which has given Melanie the opportunity to create crystal clear communication between horse and rider resulting in top performance.